Online training/presentation

For decentralised staff, whether they’re working from home or you lead an international team, effective, interactive knowledge transfer by a trainer is important. Crappy video or unclear audio during Teams or Zoom sessions distract the audience from the training itself. The contents of the training or presentation is paramount. Participants should get a meaningful, educational and interesting experience. 

Orange Learning will assist you in achieving this. We support your training or presentation by taking care of the production of the session. All matters audio and video are our concern so the training can fully focus on the training material and the trainees. Participants will benefit as they will not be distracted by technical details regarding the online session. They too will be able to focus on the training, be active participants and have a meaningful online experience. 

How not to, versus how to.

The evaluations of previously produced online sessions score an 8,3 out of 10. Interested to discuss how this can impact your online training? We’d love to discuss possibilities with you.